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Pharmacy Education

Southwest Virginia Community Health Systems has a Pharmacist working collaboratively on the health care team to provide medication use support and clinical services.  Clinical pharmacy services include provider consultation; direct patient counseling and education for medication related problems; or questions including medication initiation or optimization for poor control of chronic disease states, dosing, polypharmacy, monitoring, adverse drug reactions, adherence or misuse, and drug interactions.  Additionally, the Pharmacist assists SVCHS staff on medication cost or formulary issues to ensure patients are able to obtain medications in the most cost effective manner possible.

How can the Pharmacist help you directly?

  • Provide a comprehensive medication review for any patient to determine if all of the medications you take are safe, working well, and being taken correctly.
  • Answer medication related questions you have about side effects, interactions, cost – anything!
  • Provide patient education regarding medications and lifestyle management of chronic disease states including diabetes, high blood pressure, tobacco abuse, high cholesterol, asthma, and COPD.

Sarah Land, Pharm-D provides services to providers through electronic or telephone consult.  She is available at each site to meet with patients.