Board of Directors


The Board of Directors shall be the governing authority of SVHCS, Inc.  The composition of the members will reasonably represent the individuals served by the organization in terms of factors such as ethnicity, race, sex, age, and economic status.


  • Vickie Davidson
  • Mark Ensminger
  • Bob Ashley
  • Roberta Hylton
  • Nancy Frye
  • Steve Hylton
  • Mike Leake
  • Jean Chapman
  • Norah Nutter
  • Gail Mullins
  • Patty Fullen
  • George Washington


(a) To serve as a primary resource in all health facility education activities relating to rendering care to the sick and injured, or to the promotion of health, that in the opinion of the Board of Directors may be justified by the facilities, personnel, funds and other requirements that are, or can be made available.

(b) Selecting and dismissing the chief executive officer in compliance with the established board and personnel policies and procedures.

(c) Establishing personnel policies, including selection and dismissal, grievance, salary and benefit matrices, and equal opportunity practices.

(d) Evaluating organizational activities, including services utilization patterns, productivity, client satisfaction and policies for hearing and resolving client grievances.

(e) Ensuring the organization is operating in compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.

(f) Approving general organizational policies, including scope and availability of services, location and hours of services, and quality assurance.

(g) Reviewing financial management practices including accountability of CHC’s resources, approving the annual project and operating budget, establishing strategic organizational priorities, setting eligibility for services including criteria for partial payment schedules and providing long range financial planning.

(h) Approval of applications related to the health center project, including grants/designation applications and other HRSA requests regarding scope of project.