Adult & Geriatric Care
Preventing and treating diseases and disabilities in older adults to improve quality of life

Pediatric & Adolescent Care
Specializing in the growth and development of children from newborn to adolescent care

Collaborating with our Clinical Pharmacist to provide medication use support and clinical services

X-Ray & Laboratory
Offering diagnostic medical imaging and clinical tests to obtain information about the health of a patient

Minor Procedure
Performing minor procedures such as mole removals, biopsys, joint injections and more

Providing comprehensive eye exams with a strong emphasis on visual medical conditions

Providing affordable dental care (preventative, restorative, & oral surgery) for the whole family

Acute Care
Treating acute illnesses, minor laceration repair and other minor injuries

Behavioral Health Counseling
Treating patients’ physical and emotional well-being by our team of licensed behavioral health professionals.

Medication Assistance Program (MAP)
Helping uninsured individuals have access to prescriptions at no cost as determined by qualification

Using advanced technology to provide telemedicine consults through the University of Virginia

Medication Assisted Treatment: Substance Misuse & Addiction
New Day Recovery: Overcoming addiction by individual and group therapy, medication assisted treatment and care management.


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