The pharmacy team at SVCHS works directly with patients, medical providers, and the rest of the healthcare team to remove barriers to medication access and adherence and to ensure the safe and effective use of medications.

Entity-owned Pharmacy:

Bristol Community Health Center Pharmacy offers:

  • Convenient option for BCHC patients located
  • Prescription Club $4 Plan
  • Slide Fee Patient Assistance for SVCHS Patients
  • Deliver to SVCHS Medical Sites and local delivery to the Bristol area


Monday – Wednesday:  8:30am to 6pm

Thursday/Friday:  9am to 5pm

Clinical Pharmacy:

SVCHS has clinical pharmacists working in the medical sites with the healthcare team on chronic disease state management and complex medication issues. 


  • Mikaylin Beall
  • Sarah Land
  • Kara Yates