In the beginning, Saltville was a company town with Olin Chemicals.  Olin owned and controlled everything such as the town government, banks, utilities, general store, rental properties, schools and healthcare.  Due to EPA regulations, Olin closed their Saltville operations resulting in the loss of 1,500 jobs and health insurance benefits to employees and their families. Olin left all of their assets to the Town of Saltville, except the schools and hospital building.  Southwest Virginia Community Health Systems originally began as one site in 1979, the Saltville Medical Center.  Since that time, additional sites and services have been added to provide comprehensive primary health care to residents in our area, regardless of ability to pay and insurance status.


  • Land in Tazewell, Virginia was purchased
  • Accreditation by The Joint Commission was renewed
  • New Day Recovery (a substance abuse treatment program) was established
  • Pedatrician started accepting new patients at the Saltville Medical Center on Fridays
  • Approval was granted for the construction of a new facility in Tazewell, Virginia
  • Expanded services by hiring two behavioral health managers and a clinical pharmacist
  • Expanded pediatric services by hiring a full-time pediatrician at Twin City Medical Center

Optometry services were added at the Saltville Medical Center

  • Recognized as a Patient Centered Medical Home
  • Troutdale Medical Center closed

Whitetop Community Health closed

Southwest Regional Dental Center was established

Twin City Medical Center hired a pediatrician to offer specialized heathcare services for children

  • Meadowview Health Clinic was opened as a new site
  • Conversion to eClinicalWorks for electronic medical records
  • Tazewell Commuity Health was opened as a new site
  • Whitetop Community Health was opened as a new site

The corporate office and billing department moved to the Thomas K. McKee Hospital

  • Behavioral Health services were added
  • Twin City Medical Center in Bristol, Virginia was opened as a new site
  • Expanded in other communities
  • New corporation obtains 501(c) Not for Profit status
  • Troutdale Medical Center opened as a new site
  • MAP was established.  The Medication Assistance Program provides free medication to qualified individuals.
  • Name changed to Southwest Virginia Community Health Systems, Inc.
  • Earned accreditation by The Joint Commission and the Gold Seal of Approval
  • Telemedicine services were added

Migrant Health Network program began

SVCHS, formerly Saltville Health Center Commission (SHCC) became a member of the Virginia Community Healthcare Association

  • Originated and began as one site, the Saltville Medical Center
  • Space is leased to private dentist, private physician, and the local health department
  • The Saltville Medical Center employees first physician in July
  • The Town of Saltville completes construction of the Saltville Medical Center
  • First BPHC grant

The Town of Saltville appoints the Saltville Health Center Commission