Patient Testimonials

Tasha’s Story:

Tasha has been here almost 2 years and during that time has had several obstacles. She found out here at New Day that she was pregnant with baby Legacy and we have been able to be a part of her journey the whole way. Legacy was born premature weighing 4lbs and 15oz. and now is 5 months and weighs 16lbs and is 25in long. Tasha now brings her to visit us and lets us cuddle with her as often as she can. Legacy is really our New Day Recovery baby, and we appreciate Tasha for sharing her with us. Tasha, herself states she has come a very long way in her own journey.

She says “If it wasn’t for New Day Recovery she doesn’t know where she would be today, probably out doing drugs or locked up again. New Day Recovery has helped me put a better perspective on life.”

New Day Recovery’s Ami Deel-Sanders LPC, CSAC with Legacy Davis
Tasha McCoy and Marvin Davis with Legacy Davis
New Day Recovery’s Cynthia Taylor with Legacy Davis

Tracy’s Story:

“It cost me everything. I ended up homeless, with none of my children, on the street and high with nowhere to go because I had totally destroyed any relationship with my family that I had. My husband and I got back together. I got cancer and that’s what really caused me to get on the pain pills. They were giving me pain pills, morphine suckers…I was out of control.  Then I had my kidney removed and the pain medication was stopped. We then moved to Asheville and didn’t know it but moved into a crack house. I never knew what I looked like but seeing that, the people were high, I got clean in a crack house. I didn’t want to die high, so I started going to a clinic in Asheville. I was still sneaking and doing pills sometimes but it didn’t do me any good. I stopped doing that, then we moved up here, and I started coming here to NDR. I got a job, and I got my own car and my license. I got straight, but I waited too late. I couldn’t help her, my daughter. I tried for years. She only got really bad and unrecognizable in the last couple of years. Her mind was like a child. I still think someone kidnapped her. My daughter died from Methamphetamine, Crack, Heroin, THC, and Fentanyl poisoning on May 28, 2023. I didn’t find out until three days later.”

Upon hearing of her daughter’s death, Tracy came to NDR. She tells everyone that if it had not been for NDR she would have relapsed. She stated her initial thought was to go to Asheville and was heading that way until she thought, “If I go, I will relapse”. She came into NDR and utilized support from the staff. During the next few weeks, she stayed in contact with NDR staff via phone and in person. She struggles with the loss of her daughter, but she has not relapsed. She continues to actively participate in NDR services.

Tracy with her daughter, Samantha
Tracy’s daughter, Samantha’s, memorial card
Tracy’s daughter, Samantha’s, memorial card