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About Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

The COVID-19 is an infectious disease that is caused by a new coronavirus introduced to humans for the first time. The spread of this infectious disease is through through the droplets produced when an infected person speaks, coughs or sneezes. Please take time to read this article from CDC and […]

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Thanksgiving Dinner Tips

We’ve all heard that the turkey you eat on Thanksgiving Day is what makes you sleepy after the big meal because it contains the amino acid Tryptophan. Tryptophan is found in turkey and it can eventually convert to serotonin (a sleep hormone), but it does not act alone. It is […]

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Fall Seasonal Allergies Got You Down?

Achoooo! As the heat of summer begins to move into the crisp, fall temperatures, many people are finding themselves plagued by fall allergies. Just as the spring months before brought allergies, the fall brings its own set of allergy concerns. According to Southwest Virginia Community Health Systems’ Medical Operations Director, […]

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