Celebrating Health Center Week 2015

Southwest Virginia Community Health Systems (SVCHS) is participating in National Health Center Week 2015 as part of a national campaign celebrating 50 years of success in healthcare delivery. The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness about the mission and accomplishments of America’s Health Centers, the largest and most successful system of primary healthcare.

In celebration of National Health Center Week, Southwest Virginia Community Health Systems is hosting special events (free of charge) scheduled at each of the four sites between the hours of 4 – 7 p.m. Healthcare related organizations are invited to participate as a vendor and set-up a table display free of charge. In addition to vendor displays, music and entertainment will be provided as well as snacks, door prizes, games, giveaways, and inflatables. The public is invited to attend.

The events are scheduled outdoors (rain or shine) as follows:
Monday, August 10 – Meadowview Health Clinic
Tuesday, August 11 – Twin City Medical Center
Wednesday, August 12 – Saltville Medical Center
Thursday, August 13 – Tazewell Community Health
Health centers started 50 years ago as a pilot project during President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty as one of the bright spots in America’s health care system. Today, they have compiled a significant record of success that includes:

• Reducing income and ethnic health disparities nationwide, even in the poorest and most challenged communities
• Reducing infant mortality rates
• Producing $24 billion in annual health system savings
• Reducing unnecessary hospitalizations and unnecessary visits to the ER
• Maintaining patient satisfaction levels of nearly 100 percent

Health centers serve more than 23 million people nationwide – that is 1 in 15 Americans, including 7 million children and 260,000 veterans. Health centers are also increasingly becoming the trusted provider of choice for many families, whether they are insured or not. Evidence shows patients choose health centers because they are convenient, affordable, and offer a range of services from a team of caring professionals. Studies also show the quality of care at a health center is equal to or better than private practices.

“Every day in our waiting rooms I witness the value of having a patient-centered health care home,” said Bryan Haynes, Executive Director of SVCHS. “When people have a place to go for regular care, they use it and stay healthier. We provide a range of services onsite ranging from primary care, pediatrics, dentistry, and mental health services. Our patients not only get the care they need under one roof, but they are treated as individuals, with dignity and respect. This is what health care should be, and what we celebrate during National Health Center Week.”

Health centers need sustained federal investment to meet the growing demand for their services and to help more Americans gain access to affordable healthcare. To learn more about health centers and the #Access is the Answer campaign, visit the following links:
#CHC50 hashtag on Twitter