Diabetes Focus Day at Tazewell Community Health

Southwest Virginia Community Health Systems plans Focus Day at Tazewell Community Health in North Tazewell, Virginia, on Tuesday, February 9, 2016. The purpose of Focus Day is to identify preventative measures, provide education, and complete an overall medical exam specifically to a targeted group of diabetic patients. The focus is given to patients needing extra assistance in improving diabetes management. This proactive approach is paramount to controlling diabetes and therefore improving the overall health of the community.
Diabetic patients will meet with a primary care provider, pharmacist, dentist, optometrist, behavioral health counselor, and care coordinator. Each participant will receive a consultation, educational services, an extensive diabetes handbook, healthy snacks, and a goody bag.
SVCHS is taking the approach of patient centered health care. In the past, Focus Day was held at the Saltville Medical Center. Since that time, there has been marked improvement in the patient’s diabetes management. Additional focus days will be planned at the remaining sites focusing on other health conditions.