Fall Seasonal Allergies Got You Down?


As the heat of summer begins to move into the crisp, fall temperatures, many people are finding themselves plagued by fall allergies. Just as the spring months before brought allergies, the fall brings its own set of allergy concerns.

According to Southwest Virginia Community Health Systems’ Medical Operations Director, Alvin McCuiston PA-C, a main and common culprit during the fall allergy season is ragweed. The symptoms of ragweed allergy can be severe. Additional pesky culprits include, nettles, mugworts, sorrels, fat hens, and plantains.

If you are plagued by fall allergies, these are some tips for relief:

  • Avoid triggers
  • Home air cleaners
  • Nasal lavage with normal saline
  • Non-sedating anti-histamine
  • Inhaled nasal steroids
  • See your family doctor
  • Avoid long term us of inhaled nasal decongestants

For more information on fall allergies, see one of our healthcare providers today at any location.