Southwest Virginia Community Health Systems See Increase in Mobile Mammogram Coach Numbers

Southwest Virginia Community Health Systems (SVCHS)’s Twin City Medical Center hosted the University of Virginia’s (UVA) Mobile Mammogram Coach on Thursday, November 7, 2019 with big improvements from last year.

This year, there was a 13% no-show rate in comparison with the 41% from last year. 13 total patients were able to take advantage of the services that day by getting a 3-D mammogram. This service was offered to patients with and without insurance. Patients who did not have insurance were able to either get this service as little to no cost to them due to programs through UVA that help the uninsured.

“One great thing about the mobile mammogram was that there were patients in the office that day that needed mammograms. They were able to walk over to the bus and put on the schedule after their appointment with us. I thought this was great,” Care Coordinator Brooke Ellison, RN said.

Ellison already has big plans for next year by increasing the number of patients seen.

“Now, we need to work on getting 15 patients to even out the resources of travel for the Mobile,” said Jenny Godoy-Gonzalez, Mammogram Program Specialist with UVA

“We did have a big improvement from last year, but I have some ideas of some things that I can do next year that may help increase our numbers. It’s a great service, but it can be better utilized,” Ellison said.

Ellison said that the plans for next year are already in motion with a date during the second week of November.